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NC Family Law Mediator

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Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which helps parties make decisions about their case without a court hearing or long, expensive litigation.


There are numerous benefits to mediation such as:

  • Mediation gives the parties the opportunity the make their own decisions on their own case without having to leave the outcome to a judge or jury.

  • Mediation saves time and money compared to going to trial.

  • Mediation is typically less stressful than going through a trial.


A case can be mediated at any time. It can be mediated before a court case is even filed, after a court case is filed, or even while the case is pending in court. Some people ask their spouse to go to mediation early on when they first make the decision to divorce or separate. At other times, the court requires the parties to attend mediation either through the child custody mediation program or the Family Financial Settlement Mediation programs.

John McNeil
Certified Mediator for Family Financial Settlement

John McNeil is a NCDRC Certified Mediator, having been certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as a Mediator for Family Financial Settlement Mediation. Mr. McNeil accepts mediation designations through party selection and by court-appointed selection in select counties in and around Raleigh, NC. Mr. McNeil is a strong advocate for the use of mediation to resolve conflicts between parties prior to those conflicts entering the Court system. He also believes that mediation is a useful tool to resolve conflicts even after litigation has commenced.

Choosing a Mediator

Mediators are chosen by the parties or are selected by the Court system through court appointment if the parties are unable to agree to the selection of a mediator. Choosing the right mediator who the parties can trust to assist them is crucial in the process. If you already have an attorney, your attorney may have recommendations.

Among other things, the Standards of Professional Conduct for Mediators requires that mediators be competent in their skills, maintain impartiality towards the parties, maintain confidentiality regarding information obtained during the mediation, ensure the parties consent to and understand the mediation process, allow the parties to make their own decisions regarding their case, and the mediator should not provide advice to the parties during the mediation.

John McNeil has represented many clients through the mediation process, both prior to and after litigation has been filed. Mr. McNeil attended the Family and Divorce Mediation Training Program provided through Mediation, Inc. located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. To talk with John about his mediation services and availability, contact him at (919) 803-6778.

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